Your Guide to Profit and Independence

Ara has a deep understanding of the practical and operational challenges of creating an independent registered firm and transitioning clients. With this in mind, we've developed The Dealer Withdrawal Programô. What was once considered impossible can now successfully take place in three stages.

Ara will help you prepare a detailed roadmap for creating your own independent registered firm. You will meet and strategize with correspondent brokers, technology providers and third party investment managers as well as with Ara. We will serve as a coach and planner to help you integrate the service offerings and generate a detailed, cost/benefit analysis, budget and implementation plan.

Using our roadmap, we will work with you through the pre-determined steps towards creating your own independent registered firm. Key areas include firm registration, account and data transfer, implementation of technology and operations, and management of client expectations during the transition.

Ongoing Support
Ara and the other selected service providers will then serve as your compliance, operations, technology and investment management departments, so that you have the necessary support and controls to effectively manage and grow your business into the future.

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Vipool Desai


Vipool is President of
Ara Compliance Support,
which he co-founded
in 2006.

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