Your firm, with the credibility of a national organization

If you're concerned about the growing demands of compliance and regulation in our industry, the Ara Compliance Support Program may be your solution.

While all registered firms are held to the same standards, they don't all have equal access to resources. Small and mid-size firms often have greater difficulty navigating their regulatory obligations. As a result, their compliance structure may appear lacking to regulators as well as to clients.

Our goal is to put these independent firms on par with their national and major regional competitors - by providing access to ongoing compliance knowledge, experience and judgment that was previously available only to larger firms.

We stand apart from other consultants
or legal advisors

Most legal advisors and compliance consultants focus on cleanup and rehabilitation after compliance issues have been neglected over a period of time, or after a significant regulatory matter has been uncovered.

We believe that the best protection for a firm and its management is the maintenance of an effective and responsive ongoing compliance structure. We offer ongoing compliance support.

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Vipool Desai


Vipool is President of
Ara Compliance Support,
which he co-founded
in 2006.

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