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Distributing Related Party Exempt Products
Abstract: "Can an Exempt Market Dealer sell the securities of a Related Issuer or does the Issuer need to engage a third party Dealer? EMDs that are established for the sole purpose of selling related party products (“Captive EMDs”) are often treated by the Commissions as having a risker business model. However, there remains no prohibition against selling related party exempt products. This article will explain current regulatory concerns with related party exempt products and will discuss reasonable steps that Captive EMDs can use to address these."
Compliance Process... The Missing Link
Ultimate Designated Confusion
Abstract: The Ultimate Designated Person (“UDP”) category of registration was traditionally viewed as a figurehead with no genuine functional role. However, over time, and especially since the introduction of NI 31-103, the role of UDP has taken on much greater importance. In this article we explore what it means to be a UDP.
How I Learnt to Quit Worrying and Love the Industry Turmoil
Abstract: In light of the excellent response we received, we have decided to issue a follow up article, which discusses the benefits for investment advisors and other financial planning professionals, of operating their fully owned registered firm.
Culture of Compliance
Abstract: The following article discusses key concepts for the development of an effective culture of compliance.
Cloud Compliance
Abstract: Brief article we recently created to explain the Ara Compliance Support offering.
Tips and Traps When Joining Another EMD
Abstract: In this article, we will review what you need to consider before joining an existing dealer, and introduce the option of creating and operating your own independent registered EMD.
Building a Portfolio Management Firm or Dealer
Abstract: Over the last several years, Ara has worked with a number of start-up portfolio managers and dealers. Some have developed into successful ongoing businesses and others have not. In this article, we would like to offer some observations on what we believe it takes to create a successful portfolio management firm or dealer.
Concerns about inadequate compliance systems and Chief Compliance Officers not adequately performing responsibilities
Abstract: In this article we will provide our thoughts on the compliance challenges of small and mid-size Portfolio Managers and why the Commission may have felt it necessary to issue such a notice.
The Gathering Storm
Abstract: Mutual Fund Dealers and their Representatives, the recent market turmoil may feel like the latest tsunami to have battered their industry. However, what truly ails the Mutual Fund Dealer community is much deeper and more structural than stock market declines...
The Registration Less Travelled
Abstract: Few industry participants would disagree that the Canadian securities regulatory environment is getting stricter. Over the last decade, the costs and burden of industry regulation have forced many smaller dealers to either sell their practices to larger participants or to simply exit the business...

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Vipool Desai


Vipool is President of
Ara Compliance Support,
which he co-founded
in 2006.

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