"In September 2008, Axcess and others in our industry became new entrants to the securities industry. National Instrument 31-103 and guidelines established by the Alberta Securities Commission required that we establish an Exempt Market Dealer to distribute mortgage fund and syndicate investments and establish an Investment Fund Manager and Restricted Portfolio Manager to organize and operate our mortgage funds.

The introduction of these new requirements came as a shock for many participants in our industry. We embraced this change, as we believed it would professionalize our industry and provide investors with protections that are clearly required.

We also recognized that, despite our long and successful career in analyzing and managing real estate credit risk, our experience with registrant regulation was limited.

We reached out to Ara to help us design a compliance structure appropriate to our business and to help us apply and administer securities compliance on an ongoing basis.

Ara has served as an excellent guide and "Sherpa," helping us understand securities registrant regulation, helping keep us on top of our ongoing obligations and proactively addressing new securities requirements as they arise."

Bill Buterman & Trevor Stott
Axcess Group of Companies

About Axcess Group of Companies

The Axcess Group of Companies has been providing investors with mortgage fund and mortgage syndicate investments since its inception in 2002. The firms currently oversee mortgage investments in excess of $80 million.

The Group's key strategic advantage is its ability to identify low risk/ high yield lending opportunities that traditional lenders, such as the national banks, overlook when applying broad credit standards.

Bill Buterman, co-founder, has an extensive career in credit analysis and structuring spanning over 34 years. Prior to starting the Axcess Group, he founded a financial consulting / real estate funding and mortgage brokerage company involved in commercial and multi-residential real estate projects in Western Canada and the South Western United States.

Trevor Stott, co-founder, manages the operations of the firms. A Chartered Accountant, he has extensive experience in both public accounting and public and private industries. Over a period of 28 years, he served as Controller and CFO for several small to medium sized businesses in the oil and gas, oil services, agriculture and technology sectors, developing and implementing accounting and financial reporting systems and departments. He also spent 12 years in public accounting including 9 years in his own firm.

For more information on the Axcess Group of Companies, please visit www.axcesscapital.com

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Vipool Desai


Vipool is President of
Ara Compliance Support,
which he co-founded
in 2006.

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